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LawCrossing scams and rumors of LawCrossing fraudulent business would be heard by a lot of people in the legal job search industry. However, as with most internet scams, LawCrossing internet scam is not entirely true. In fact, the services of the company are still used by a large number of job seekers who are thoroughly satisfied with its services.

If you have gone through LawCrossing website you would have already realized one major difference between this company and other job boards- paid membership. However, LawCrossing scams would not tell you the entire truth you need to know about this company. Claims of LawCrossing scamming company are often far from the truth.

The fact is that Law Crossing is an exclusive job aggregation service that provides you 25 times more legal jobs than any other job board in the world today. It searches for jobs from over 250,000 different websites that are not known to most people and compiles them into its world class database which is accessible through a paid membership to the members. If LawCrossing is scam, there would be no reason why the company would spend millions on researching.


Customers Speak

Stephen Berg | AZ
It was a pleasure using this website. I will surely come back in the future when I am looking for a job and will recommend your site to others.

Kelly Allegretti | Wilmington, DE
I found the website very useful, it had a good amount of jobs in my area which was very helpful. I would be definitely come back once I complete my BAR.

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If you have been searching for legal jobs on job boards you have been wasting your time. With job boards you will only be able to find a very small number of legal jobs while there are thousand applicants available in the industry today. Due to this, all job seekers apply for the same jobs and your resume would not even be noticed by an employer.

If you hope to find a job in the legal industry fast you need to change your search tactics. Put aside thoughts about LawCrossing scams and about LawCrossing fraud business rumors and try the services once. You will discover that with thousands of job opportunities at your fingertips and very little competition, it would be easier than ever before to get many job interviews and a high salary job faster than before. The good news is that LawCrossing offers a three day free trial so you can check the services for free before you pay a membership fee. You may even be able to find your dream job within these three days without having to pay anything!

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Andrew M
The service was good , was easy to use and the browse job section was quite helpful in narrowing the search till city and by jobs. Worth paying.

Laurie Anderson
Five years ago I found a listing for my current job via LawCrossing. It’s the best legal job search resource I’ve ever used. I’m still working at the same company, having found my dream job. Thanks!